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Dato Zulkifli Ishak - SJAA PRESIDENT


Johannians may be familiar with the Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG), or even the Board of Governors (BOG). But do you all know that there is another organization in our alma mater that has contributed equally to the development and welfare of the school, with its membership including all Johannians who have graduated from St. John's, regardless of year.

This organization is the St. John's Alumni Association (SJAA), and the man at the helm is none other but Dato' Zulkifli Ishak, a staunch Johannian who may have graduated from St. John's some 27 years ago, but still finds it difficult to disconnect from our beloved institution. Dato' Zul's siblings received their secondary education in St. John's spanning three decades, starting with his elder brother, Abdul Rashid in the 1970's, followed by Dato' himself and younger brother, Zahrin in the 1980's, and the last two brothers, Mohd. Isham and Kamarulzaman in the 1990's. Dato's extended family are still studying in St. John's till today, with 3 of his nephews in St. John's Primary.

Dato' Zul began his secondary education when the Great Shepherd of St. John's was reappointed Director for a second term, the late Datuk Rev. Bro. Lawrence Spitzig. Upon completing his Form 6 in 1985, Dato' pursued his tertiary studies at Institut Teknologi MARA (ITM), then at the Charted Institute of Transport, United Kingdom. Dato' successfully initiated and led a delegation known as The Young Ambassadors program for an academic visit to London and Cardiff in the UK. His active involvement in ITM earned him the Anugerah Warna ITM in 1990.

During his time in St. John's, Dato' Zul was a member of the Cadet Band, in fact he was the Drum Major of 1985! Dato' was also a fencer, who won 3rd place in the Sabre and Epee categories of the 1985 Malaysian Youth Championships. Dato' was also a volunteer with the RRVS (Resource Room For The Voluntary Service), a group that renders free service for the blind students in St. John's. That is why till this very day, Dato' Zul is a very strong supporter and sponsor of the Cadet Band, and continues contributing to the blind Johannians till today.

As a person who has worked with Dato' Zul, he strongly believes in giving and helping, especially when it involves St. John's. He never lets down any group in school that seeks assistance from him, be it financially or support. Dato' is a very simple man, and maintains a very good relationship with the teachers, although they came after he graduated. As much as he is an ex-student of the school, Dato' Zul has not really left St. John's. Although we may not see him very regularly in the school compund, St. John's is so close to Dato's heart that he is always well-informed of the happenings in school.

Dato' Zul was appointed President of the St. John's Alumni Association in 2008, succeeding its previous chairman, Mr. Ozair Omar. On behalf of Johannians, I pray that Dato' Zul will be blessed with good health and prosperity so that he can continue to care and contribute to the well-being of our alma mater.


Awards - Federal and State 
2011 - Darjah Kebesaran Persekutuan
Panglima Setia Di Raja (PSD) oleh DYMM SPB Yang Dipertuan Agong
2008 - Darjah Kebesaran Sultan Ahmad Shah (DSAP) - Pahang

Dato' Zul proudly holds the declaration of St. John's as a National Heritage Building.

A photograph with fellow alumni of St. John's.

1980 -1st row standing, 5th from the left .Class Teacher :Mr Bonny WeeStanding 2nd row ..2nd from left  Class Teacher : Pn Mariam Yaccob1st row Standing, 2nd from the right. Class teacher : Pn Norizan  Class teacher : Pn Norizan  1st row Standing (R to L) Zulkifli 2nd
Seated (R to L) : 4th : Zulkifli, 5th Harith Iskandar  Class Teacher : Pn Norizan1st row standing (R to L) Zulkifli, Shamsudin Class teacher : Pn Johariah Sulaiman (absent) - represented by Bro. Director Cassian Pappu    
 Dato' Zul with Shamsuddin Wahab - Blind Student of The SJI  Integrated Programme For The Visually Impaired (Blind & Low Vision) - Dato is the volunteer for RRVS (Resource Room For The Voluntary Service) who renders free services for the blind students of SJI 
 First service group joined 1st row standing (R to L), 2nd - Zulkifli Teacher in Charge : Mr Wong 
Sports Club
 Seated 4th from left - Zulkifli (Club President 1984/85)
Cadet Band Last Row (R to L) 6th - Zulkifli 
 1st Promotion  - (A)Lance Corporal - 1983.         Thank you Lt Muda Denis Doss. Lastly,  Senior Under Officer (1985). and Staff Sargent Fadzil , Thank you again, Sir.
Drum Major Sports day at Stadium Merdeka 1985
Band of Brothers 
 Pancaragam di Pesta pulau Pinang 
SJI Awards- Hari Penghargaan (Awards Day)1985

Special Thanks to the persons responsible for Dato' Zul and Datin Annie's involvement and supporting it through: Tuan Megat Mizan and Puteri Juneita : 
Green White and True Johannian !

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  1. hahaaa.. i miss that tree in the 11th picture.. the one taken with Pn Mariam. if there was a tree that would protect us from the harshness of afternoon heat at the assembly ground.. it'd be that tree.

    kenape la potong pokok tu?


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