Sunday, May 15, 2016


Ladies and gentlemen,

On Monday, May 16, we will be observing a day in which we express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to a group of amazing people who made most of us who we are.

On this auspicious occasion, we would like to wish all teachers, past and present a Happy Teacher's Day. Thank you for your guidance and support in our quest to success and finding ourselves. May God bless all of you for your noble actions.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them." - John F. Kennedy

Saturday, May 14, 2016


In this edition, we will look at the events that took place in St. John's during the month of May:

May 1
1956 - Formation of the S.J.M.A.C

May 2
1984 - "The Pledge to St. John's", a song written by Mr. Dennis Doss in conjunction of the 80th anniversary, was introduced to Johannians. 

May 17
1955 - Rev. Bro. D'Joseph, Director since May 1948 was transferred to St. Xavier's Institution, Penang. His successor was Rev. Bro. Tibertius Lawrence Spitzig.

Front Page of 1955 Term Review Term 2

May 20
1964 - HRH The Sultan and Tengku Ampuan of Selangor attended the staging of "Bamboo Princess" at KL Town Hall in conjunction of the Diamond Jubilee year. Also present was Tun Dr. Ismail, Home Minister and Chairman of the Developmnt Committee.

May 23
1964 - HRH The Sultan and and Tengku Ampuan of Selangor attended the Jubilee Sports held at the school field. 

May 24
1954 - The St. John's Dramatic Society presents William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" for seven consecutive nights in the school hall.

Reviews on "Macbeth" from the Term Review

1956 - Visit of Mr. Edward Payne, Director of Education in conjunction of Commonwealth Day.

May 30
1964 - During the Old Boys Dinner, Rev. Bro. Joseph McNally, Director of SJI announced that the Director house will be renamed D'Joseph house in honour of former Director Rev. Bro. Joseph Brophy.

Transcript of Rev. Bro. Joseph McNally's speech during the Old Boys Dinner
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