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SJI Form Three Assessment (PT3) Heroes



Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St John students, Loo Shi Hao (left) and Muhammad Imaan Hon Shaharuddin Hon are among the top students who scored 10As in the PT3 2014 exams. — Bernama pic

Photos of Loo Shi Hao


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kabir Khan Las Vegas Promo Video

World Magician Kabir Khan Mohamad Reaz is Johannian 2002

What Malaysian achieved worldwide is magic...
And he is a Johannian...!!! Form 5 J - 2002

Monday September 29, 2014 12:00:00 AM
What Malaysian achieved worldwide is magic

PETALING JAYA: From mystifying the rich and famous in Hollywood to performing before the royals of Dubai, Malaysian Kabir Khan Mohamad Reaz (pic) is undoubtedly a highly sought after magician.

He recently added another award to his string of accomplishments by emerging second runner-up at the Academy of Magical Arts Summer 2014 Magic Castle’s Strolling Magic Showdown in Hollywood.

Kabir, 29, wowed the judges and audience of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, an exclusive, private club for the Academy of Magical Arts, on Sept 17.

The Magic Castle features some of the finest performers in the world. Only the finest are invited to display their talent.

The showdown, held twice a year, is one of the most popular events at the club, where competing magicians are invited to perform before the judges and invited guests.

Kabir, who is a member of the club, had to demonstrate his skills at close-up magic, a form of magic art known for being one of the hardest.

“I feel privileged to have represented Malaysia at this highly competitive event. I hope I have made our country proud,” he said in a statement.

Penang-born Kabir is no stranger to Hollywood. On Sept 2011, he became the first Malaysian magician to be personally invited to perform in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

The Magic Castle president Erica Larsen presented Kabir Khan with his award and a special bronze custom-made lapel pin, made exclusively for the competition.

One of the very few certified magicians in the world, Kabir is involved in many high-profile shows, delighting audiences with his unique performances.

He is representing a series of luxury brands in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and is the first ever magician to be conferred the Grand Master Brand Leadership Award 2013.

His record of 21 straight shows in Hollywood also earned him an honorary award by the Malaysia Book of Records last year.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Name is Timothy - All About SJI drama Team

St.John's Institution Drama Team (SJIDT)
By Arjun Thanaraju

Never had I understood what the phrase "So close yet so far" meant until now. We aimed high and did everything in our will power to achieve that goal but alas, we had to settle for less.

With mixed feelings but with our heads held high, SJIDT would like to announce that we are officially the 1st Runner-Ups of the National Drama Competition 2014. All the sacrifices, all the blood, sweat and tears brought us extremely close to victory but luck was just not on our side.

Nevertheless, Nationals was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will treasure for the rest of my life. No exaggerations. I have never felt like I belonged so much anywhere else in my life. With these people, on that stage, I felt like I belonged. That is the biggest prize that I'm taking away from this experience, a sense of belonging.

Thank you SJIDT for allowing me to be a part of you guys and thank you for wanting this as much as I did. To be part of team that consists of such talented and amazing individuals was just a blessing. We went there to make a statement and believe me, we did it. We earned the people's respect. We were the People's Champion.

Thank you Miss E for everything that you have done for us. Words can't describe how thankful we are to have you lead and guide us through this crazy journey. We will never forget you. We love you. Thank you Ravin Coach for believing in us when not many did. You always pushed us to be better. Thank you Miss Baitee and Pn. Shahrul for everything that you had to sacrifice to be with us. Shout out to Mr. Chan for his constant support. Thank you everyone for your faith and support. We appreciate it. We could not have done it without you.
Drama may be over, but the passion still lives on inside me. The fire is still lit, and it will stay lit. That, I promise you.

Winston Tan says...

At the extreme level of honesty, yes, I am sad, we are sad, that sudden shock when we were placed 2nd for the National Drama, that 5-second of total silence in the hall when they said "2nd Place- School number 6". Tensions were rising, but ended up in devastation. We went up with the most devastated face, and went down with full of tears. Everybody was crying. There was no shame left. We lost. You know, we know, that our sole aim is to be the National Champions. When Kedah, the champions, performed again, we knew at that point that we somehow deserved to be champions. But no matter how much of tears dropped, complains, sweat dripped,encouragement and morale boost given, it didn't change anything. We were still 2nd Place in the National English Drama Competition 2014.

We failed.This traumatic event, it's going to take a while to shake it off. But thank you. Thank you Miss E, for the love, patience, hardwork and the boost we couldn't possibly describe. Thank you Ravin Cool, the warbringer, the coach that victor the team. Thank you Miss Baitee and Puan Shahrul, for the truly indescribable patience with the drama team. And thank you #SJIDT14, for letting me being a part of everything. I truly love all of you and I couldn't possibly ask for a better team than the #SJIDT14.

Nor Jazlan says...

A team. The people's champions they said. We should have been the number 1, but no, we aren't. Honestly, i didn't regret getting 2nd. For me, we are high up in the sky. For St. John's we will do or die.Tears fell off my eyes, because i have a team which consists of passionate people and hardworking. After 10 years, we once again appeared as KL Champions, and First Runner-Up for Nationals. Sacrifieces and effort , we did. Well, i am proud, for being St. John's Institution Drama Team K.L members. Thanks to my Director/Brother, Arjun, and all of you! Fide et Labore!

Darvind Sdj says

We go through sad moments,hard times and happiest moments together.We did alot of "shits" together.Our bond get stronger as the days past.The moment we got to know that we are the first runner up,all of us cried and cried and cried like theres no tomorrow.But one thing we are proud of is we were declared as the People's Champions.We are not only known as students from Kl but we are known as Johannians from St.John's Institution.All the schools came to us and told us that we are deserved to be the Champions.I would like to use this time to thank Miss E.Miss E without you,we are nothing.Secondly, Ravin Rajalingam.Ravin without you, we are nothing too.Thank you so much for being with us all the time.Next, NurBetty Hamzah and Pn.Shahrul.Thank you teachers for being with us and taking a good care of us for the past few days.Finally,I would like to thank SJIDT'14 for choosing me to be in your team.This is the best of the best team ever.Thank you so much.We will always keep the flag high up in the sky above.For St.John's,we will do or die.Fide Et Labore

Friday, August 22, 2014

SJI 110th Anniversary Celebrations - Form 5 (1989) & Upper 6 (1991) on 16 Aug 2014

SJI 110th Anniversary Celebrations
Form 5 (1989) & Upper 6 (1991)
16 August 2014
by Richard Lee Ruen Chien

I have been asked by Cikgu Ruby to share some my thoughts here in the SJI Blog, on our recently held gathering on 16 Aug 2014.  Overall, it was deemed as a highly successful event because approximately 120 students (from Form 5 in 1989 and/or Upper 6 in 1991) and 13 teachers attended this function.  This means that approximately 1 out of every 3 students who attended school together in 1989 were present that evening, after completing Form 5 in 1989, some 25 years ago.

Teachers and Students alike were extremely happy during and after the function.  I received an endless stream of compliments from both teachers and students for making the effort to hold what they deem is an extremely memorable gathering.  It has also been openly proclaimed by many to be far better than the official function organized by SJI.    

Being the Organizer of the function, I have been asked many times on how I can successfully convince so many people (from one single batch of students) to attend the function and why was the seemingly simple gathering so satisfying and successful.  The answer is pretty simple and should serve as the basis on how we should organize future gatherings, which is "We just want to enjoy the company of the friends and teachers whom we had spent many years with.".

Simplicity - Our aim was just to have an opportunity to meet many of our friends and teachers whom we have not seen for a long time.  We were not there to enjoy fine dining that would have required us to pay exorbitant prices for the food and to be seated most of the time for an 8-course dinner.  We were not there to spend hours watching performances by individuals we hardly knew.  We were not there to compete with each other on who wore more expensive branded clothing, watches and jewelry.  By maintaining simplicity, majority who came were in very simple casual wear, helping to emphasize the fact that for that one evening, we were just fellow Johannians, with no discrimination towards social status or financial wealth.  This simplicity created a highly conducive environment for all to mingle freely, without worrying about stressful formalities normally attached to many of such formal functions.  Simplicity also ensured that the cost is kept very low, and by keeping the cost extremely low, it encouraged many to come.     

Sincerity and Perseverance -  Many of our teachers have taught us that "When There is a Will, There is a Way".  This lesson was once again highlighted by Mr. David Fernandez when he spoke about the state of SJI's school field, where so much money had been spent but the field is literally bald, as compared to the times when Mr. Vincent Fernandez kept the field in good condition despite having little to no funds.  My sincere wish was just to create this platform to provide opportunity for all to gather and celebrate our enduring legacy of being Johannians.  Initially, it took me a fair amount of effort and time to personally call friends and teachers individually, to gain their support for this function.  One by one, the numbers started to add up and soon we had a very big group of people committing themselves to attend the function.  When the numbers grew, and more people understood that there was absolute sincerity, word spread even faster and more decided to attend.  There were even friends who flew to KL from the United Kingdom and Australia, just to attend this function.

Meaningful - Meaningful actions or souvenirs does not mean that they have to be expensive.  Often, many would immediately equate meaningful actions / souvenirs to nicely and expensively crafted items that can be displayed.  If true, we should have just ordered expensive silverware or pewter-ware in the form of SJI logos.  To me, that will just mean another piece of expensive "dust-collector" in my cabinet.  For the event, we got together to take a big group photo.  Photo cost RM 9.00.  More than 100 Johannians (last came together 25 years back) coming together during the photo-taking session, PRICELESS.  Commemorative photo folder cost RM 6.00.  Messages from our teachers and friends written in our folders, PRICELESS.

I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and friends who took effort to attend this function and made is a highly successful and memorable event.  Thanks!       

Sunday, August 17, 2014

St,John's Institution Form 5 1989 Upper 6 1991 110th Anniversary Celebrations

SATURDAY 16/8/2014


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