Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blind But Brilliant Dennis Teo Wei Xiang Best STPM Blind Student

4 A's??? WOWWWWW....

Dennis's Classmate


"Who say you can't get 4A for STPM? As long as you put in the effort , nothing is impossible" -- that's what Dennis Teo Wei Xiang always told me. I have to admit that it is an honour to have such an unique, humble, shy and funny classmate like him who sit next to me. He ain't no normal person. He's a visually impaired student who scored 4A in STPM. Yes , visually impaired. Dennis was not born in that kind of condition ,in fact, he was once a normal student , like you and me. He went to school to study, he went to play in playground, and he like to "play" water in the weekend. When he was 12 years old , he lost his sight without any sign of warning . Imagine you , wake up in a morning and you realise that your visual is not that clear compared to yesterday ,and when you wake up tomorrow , the situation got worsen and worsen. What will you do ? Pardon my language ,but do you dare to say that you still have the courage and guts to go on your daily routine like it used to be ? I, dare not answer that question.
But, Dennis didn't gave up, because he knew god have not gave up on him yet. He regain his faith, and he continued his study. Well, as I mentioned earlier , Dennis is a shy boy. When we say : Dennis , your pink colour laptop looks cute ,he blushed. Dennis, you and pui san run like doremon, he blushed. Dennis, why are you hiding behind the aladdin (he used a computer like magnifier called aladdin) ? He will also blushed ...

For you all 's information, Dennis did not score A in the first term Bahasa Melayu paper although we all know that he is the top gun of that particular subject. What's more , we was jaw - dropped when he said that he fail his bm paper. It took him double effort to re study and retake the exam to score A for it, and at the same time he was also juggling with other heavy subject such as the notorious sejarah paper.

Dennis , I bet you must be blushing now when you read this. Ok la, I didn't write this for you only, in fact I don't even know will there be people who will spend their time to read this "panjang lebar " speech. The last , but not lease , to of our visually impaired classmate - Dennis ,Kavein , Hairul Amidi, Najwa and izwani , you guys are really awesome , and undoubtedly you all are the strongest human being on earth. May your future ahead be bright, wide ,and smooth.

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