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No Action For 6 months..!!

No action for six months
Tree left unattended after falling on scouts den
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2013 - 14:46
Kuala Lumpur

NOT CLEARED: The tree left to rest on the roof of the scouts den

A FALLEN tree on the roof of the SMK St John scouts den which had been left unattended for six months is causing uneasiness to parents, teachers and students.

All scouting activities have been put on hold after the tree collapsed during a landslip in May.

Concerned parents and teachers are wondering how long more the authorities need to remove the tree.

“The tree fell six months ago and yet, it is still lying on the roof. If the tree gets struck by lightning, the whole den might catch fire,” says ABDUL RAHMAN ABDUL GHANI, whose son is a student at the school.

“Soil from the erosion and discarded wood pieces are also clogging drains in the area.” ABDUL RAHMAN says the school field is flooded whenever it rains because of the clogged drains.

ERODED: The area where the landslip took place in May

Another parent, who wishes to be known as LOH, says there are six schools in the area and the students’ safety is at risk.

“We do not know if the slope is safe or if more trees will fall as no remedial works appear to be taking place,” he says.

“What will happen if trees fall on the students? Who is going to be responsible?”

A teacher, who requests anonymity, says she fears for the safety of her students because the slope where the landslip occurred is located just opposite the school field.

“The school took measures to restrict the students from using the field and the scouts den to avoid any unwanted mishap,” the teacher says.

“Our scoreboard was also damaged during the incident.”

Anotherl teacher expresses concern that more trees from the adjacent Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve area might fall on the school grounds if the authorities continue to neglect the situation.

CLOGGED UP: A drain next to the Bukit Nanas forest reserve filled with debris and pieces of wood

“We have already notified City Hall about the existing problems in May but no action has been taken since,” the teacher says.

THE Forestry Department’s head of corporate communications and public relations Mohd Puat Dahalan says the department is aware about the collapsed tree.

The incident, he says, occurred on May 7 following a downpour which also effected several other areas in the city.

Mohd Puat says although the fallen tree is from the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the responsibility to remove the tree lies with City Hall.

“City Hall has been appointed by the Public Works Department Engineering Division Slope and Public Works Institute of Malaysia (Ikram) to carry out slope strengthening, removal of fallen trees as well as cleaning up soil debris in the area.

“We also notified City Hall about the matter after the incident and they have the expertise to remove the tree.”

Mohd Puat says his department has already carried out pruning and felling of small trees within the forest reserve area to prevent any further mishaps.

As to the damages which occurred on the school’s scouts den and sports score board, Mohd Puat says the incident was an act of nature and the department was not bound to pay any compensation to the school in accordance with provisions under the National Forestry Act.

A City Hall spokesman however, says, its department only received a notification on the matter last Friday.

“The Public Works Department were supposed to remove the tree and debris from the area. However, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has now requested City Hall to carry out long-term remedial works in the affected areas.

“We will send our emergency squad to the area today to remove the tree and debris.

Constant flooding after landslip

WORRYING SIGN: Cracks on the retaining wall next to the forest reserve

THE poor drainage system around Jalan Bukit Nanas is also affecting operations in the Titular Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur which is located next to SMK St John.

A staff met by the Hotline Roving Team says that whenever it rains an open car park within their premises will flood.

“Our car park is open to staff and visitors. Whenever it rains heavily, the water in the car park will rise and the problem worsen after the landslip.”

“It has been six months since the landslip but no one appears to be doing anything to rectify the problem.”


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