Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Notable events that took place throughout the month of February:

February 4
1960 - Minister of Education, Abdul Rahman bin Talib, visited St. John's. He was invited to be the judge and award presenter of the Poster Competition

February 5
1983 - St. John's bade farewell to Rev. Bro. Director Tibertius Lawrence Spitzig. Bro. Lawrence, dubbed "The Good Shepherd of St. John's", was the only Brother who had the honour of helming St. John's twice. The administration of St. John's was then passed to Rev. Bro. Cassian Pappu.

February 10
1992 - 21 Japanese girls from Kagoshima Immaculate Heart Convent arrive in SJI, accompanied by their teachers and principal.

February 14
1953 - First day of the School Funfair. Proceeds of the funfair will go towards the field extension project. The funfair was held for two consecutive days.

February 15
1954 - The extension of the school field commences. To meet the growing need of a school field as St. John's expanded, Bro. Dositheus Joseph Brophy during his directorship undertook the task first started by Rev. Bro. Louis in 1929.

Front page of the 1st Volume of the 1954 Term Review

February 22
1994 - Rev. Bro. Superior General John Johnston visits from Rome, Italy. Bro. Superior-General addressed the morning assembly.

February 25
1987 - SJI's canteen was voted "The Cleanest Canteen in Kuala Lumpur". 

February 26
1954 - The "Biological Society" was formed, under the leadership of Rev. Bro. Patrick and Mr. P. V. James

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