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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the June edition of This Month in History could not be completed within the month of June. 

In this edition, we will explore the events that took place over the months of June and July.


1906 - Rev. Bro. Imier of Jesus, Provincial Visitor of the United States visited SJI

June 5
2002 - The last Director of SJI, Rev. Bro. Michael Wong officially retires

June 7
1971 - To emphasize the importance of Bahasa Malaysia, Rev. Bro. Joseph Yeoh announced that Bahasa Malaysia was to be spoken at all times on Fridays except during lessons.

1984 - The Job-A-Long campaign raised RM42,344.67

June 14
1969 - The opening of the play "The Government Inspector" by the Dramatic Society. Bro. Celestine stars in this play.

June 21
2004 - The launching of the "Limited 2D Art Piece" by then Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah


July 6
1957 - The Cadet Corps receive their Colours from General Sir Francis Festing, Commander-in-Chief of the Far East Land Forces

July 8
2002 - A new beginning as SJI welcomes its first lay principal, Mr. Peter Yii Sing Chiu

July 9
1955 - After one year since the extension project commenced, the new field was opened with the school Annual Sports.

July 21
1989 - SJI bade farewell to its school bus due to financial constraints

July 28
1960 - Rev. Bro. Vernier Augustus, one of the pioneer Brothers in Malaya, passed away. Bro. Augustus was the architect of the Main Block of SJI. He was also the founder of St. Michael's Institution as well as the architect for the St. Francis Institution chapel.

From the 1960 Term Review Issue 3

July 31
2004 - The centenary Hari Keluarga 

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